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Measures of Inflation

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Measures of Inflation

Double checking labor share with unit labor costs & inflation:

Data as of 3rdQ-2014
Effective Demand = $15.979 trillion
Real GDP = $16.164 trillion
UT index = -0.8%
Effective labor share = 73.6%
TFUR = 74.4%
ED Fed rate = 4.1%

Projected Effective Demand limit upon real GDP is $16.250 trillion.

Projected data for 4thQ-2014

Real GDP = $16.250 trillion
Effective labor share = 74.5%
Capacity utilization = 79.8%
Unemployment = 5.8%
TFUR = 75.2%

There is no recession for 3rdQ-2014. None expected in 4thQ-2014.

(UT index close to 0.0% shows that real GDP is hitting the effective demand limit. Utilization rates of capital and labor slow down. If UT index begins to rise, the economy is contracting.)
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